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It's time to transform

The way you create what you most desire.



It's time to turn your vision of a life you love into the reality of a life you're living. 

If you're thinking "but I've already tried ALL the things ... let me tell you a secret.


You won't find your power by setting goals, or thinking only positive thoughts, or making vision boards, or pushing through your fear, but by ...


  • Getting clarity on what you truly love

  • Gaining confidence that you DO know how to create it

  • Releasing resistance and taking aligned action that gets massive results with ease and flow

  • .

    ...And that is exactly what you're going to do when you join us for this FREE 5-Day Vision 2 Reality Challenge! .

    Start 2022 with focus and flow to turn your vision into the life you live and love every day.

    Revealing a unique and proven process that combines ancient knowledge, modern brain science, and simple practices to transform forever the way you create success.

    In 5 interactive sessions, one hour each day of the challenge, you'll learn a new way of being and doing, you’ll take action in EVERY session to practice the new way of being and doing, and you’ll create neurological anchors so these transformative practices become second nature.


    The Power of Personal Truth and Choice

    Day 1 (Monday, December 27th 11-Noon CST)

  • How to avoid the kind of choices that ALWAYS create sabotage, struggle, and loss

  • Why “vibrate and wait” and “hustle and crush it” both lead to frustration and failure

  • Discover how to tap into the infinite power of your superconscious

  • Get the one kind of motivation that creates flow and momentum

  • Reveal your true vision for living a life you love

  • Making the Dream Visible and Attainable

    Day 2 (Tuesday, December 28th 11-Noon CST)

  • Step into the four choices you must make every day to support your success

  • Discover the secret structure for dependably turning thoughts into things

  • Build a powerful framework that keeps you in alignment with your heart’s desire

  • Why your old methods of planning for success don't actually create sustainable success

  • How to test your choices against the creative model

  • Being the Creative Force in Your Life

    Day 3 (Wednesday, December 29th 11-Noon CST)

  • How your identity and beliefs create resistance and psychological tension

  • How to turn that tension into creative power

  • Why you don’t have to eliminate “negative” thoughts, beliefs, or emotions

  • Experience a powerful exercise to align identity with the desired future reality

  • Shed the skin of your limited identity and step into your genius

  • Connecting to the Wisdom of your Intuition

    Day 4 (Thursday, December 30th 11-Noon CST)

  • How to use the power of intuition to determine the aligned next action to take

  • How to build your creative “muscle” to access more inspiration and innovation

  • Customize your weekly routine for accelerated transformations

  • Get the tools for daily practices that keep you focused, accountable, and moving forward

  • Anchor in your connection to the source of wisdom and intelligence

  • A Repeatable Process for Creating Magic

    Day 5 (Friday, December 31st 11-Noon CST)

  • How to extract the lessons from each cycle of creation

  • How to nurture the seed of the next creation

  • Embodying your new identity to create your new reality

  • How to renew the power of your vision by receiving and celebrating the completion of your creation

  • Anchor in the conscious awareness of your new structure for creating anything you choose

  • Here’s what you can expect when you complete the challenge:

    Total clarity about what you will create in this year, confidence that you’re making choices based on your truth, and connected to your power as the sovereign creator of your life.

    Structures, practices, and tools to help you step into and embody your vision and hold you in alignment focused on your desired reality until it becomes your lived experience.

    A method for orienting from a place of power and love, receiving intuitive wisdom about the aligned next action, and the energy and inspiration to accelerate momentum.

    Dixie Gillaspie

    Your teacher, coach, and guide on this journey

    Dixie Gillaspie has been helping people achieve their “impossibles” for more than twenty years.

    She is the author of Just Blow it Up - Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life, a fun book about reducing barriers and resistance to rubble, and a contributor to The Thought that Changed My Life Forever with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bernie Segal.

    In honor of her years of contributing to entrepreneurship she was named a "Woman of the Decade in Enterprise and Innovation" by the Women Economic Forum.

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