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The magic of pure creation.

The magic of pure creation.

Everything you've been taught about creating success was wrong

    The ONLY way to:

  • Easily

  • Dependably

  • Systematically 

  • Create sustainable success in all areas of your life is to activate & leverage all THREE levels of consciousness! 

This is what I call being a SUPER CREATOR, and this is the way you become one.

Being a Super Creator is an Adventure of a Lifetime

This is your first 12 months.

  • Harnessing Your Personal Power and Potential 

    Tap into your true nature as a creator and align all 3 levels of your consciousness with your chosen outcomes.

  • Mastering the Structure and the Magic of Creation 

    You’ve been making ineffective choices and living out of a limited identity long enough. 

  • Eliminating Resistance to Taking the Right Action 

    No more pushing through or acting “as if”, we use the Superconscious to recode those old limitations.

  • Building Your Muscles of Creation 

    Developing power and mastery is a process that takes practice. These are the practices.

  • Tapping Into Intuition to Make Better Decisions 

    You don’t have to have it all figured out, you just need to access the information and wisdom of your intuition.

  • Shedding Your Old Skin so There’s No Going Back 

    Living fully in the new reality as a Super Creator.

  • Once you learn to get into the right structure and recode your resistance you will become a Super Creator with the power to consciously create anything you desire. 

    Build Foundation

    Understand the nature of change and resistance and how you must orient yourself and structure your time and energy to access your full power.

    Initiate Shifts

    These change processes and exercises reveal the blocks and get the energy moving, creating the shortest path to your desired end result.

    Support Momentum

    A visioning, goal setting, and progress tracking system like nothing you’ve used before. Fifteen minutes a day to keep you in the creative structure.

    Install Changes

    Resetting all levels of consciousness and installing new “programs” with Superconscious Recodes, Meditations, and neuro-emotional Visualizations.

    Masterclass + Immersion + Gatherings = Super Creators Transformation 

    Everything you've been taught about creating success was wrong

    Dixie creates something that defies comparison. I've found a bigger sense of purpose, “having it all”, and the clarity to do it. Pure magic!

    Theresa Byrne

    Professional Speaker at TED Conferences

  • Mad love! Dixie radically transformed my world and helped me shift my life in a magical direction. I wouldn’t have any of this without her.

    Jacqueline Stone

    Founder at Totems and Tarot

    I’ve moved through fear and resistance to clarity of power and purpose. With the tools to deliver on it. Dixie is a masterful guide and coach!

    Rena DeLevie

    Founder & Coach at Management for Millennials

  • I'm in my power and creating what I really desire! This is taking back your own power to create the life you want. Impressive beyond words!

    Christy Simmons

    Your Turn to Shine Coach

    Like no other coaching program! No more slipping back into old patterns! I've cleared the resistance and I'm in flow now, creating what I love most!

    Maria Rogers O'Rourke

    MRO Communications

    This work has totally transformed how I think, feel, and experience the world. Plus it's catalyzed my ability to define and create the life I want! 

    Christy Maxfield

    Purpose First Advisors

    Masterclass – The Fundamentals

    Everything you need to identify your true desires and choices for every aspect of your life, release pain and resistance from old identities, social conditioning, family contracts, body memory, and deeply rooted untruths, and step into new results and a new reality.

    The videos (more than 30 play-on-demand Coaching + Superconscious Recode sessions) in the Masterclass portion of the program are a perfect foundation for learning a new structure and a new way of being and creating in the world.

    Your Program includes LIFETIME ACCESS to the Masterclass materials!

    Immersion – The Live Experience

    This is your one-year deep dive into living fully from your innate power as a superconscious being, an intuitive genius, and a Super Creator! Choose to join any or all of 4 Live Coaching + Superconscious Recodes per week.

    If you aren’t able to join a session live you’ll have access to the full library of replays (in addition to the foundational work in your Masterclass.)

    Get support with your celebrations and your challenges, get your questions answered, have exclusive access to BONUS events and private breakout sessions.

    Most of all, be held (gently and lovingly but firmly) in the creative structure by a coach and community who are co-creating with you on their own path of power.

    PLUS – Super Creators Gatherings

    Every fellowship needs a gathering place. To share smiles and stories, to learn from each other and support each other. To bond over the journey and the things we love the most.

    When you join the Super Creators family you’re automatically part of our events – the Super Creators Gatherings.

    If you can attend live we’d love to see you (attendance will be limited as we reintegrate into in-person events.) If you need to make your attendance virtual there’s a place for you on Zoom where you’ll be able to see and be seen, hear and be heard, ALMOST as well as if you were in the room with us.

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    Ready to become a Super Creator?

    Now is your time to return to your place of power.

    To become again the pure conscious creator of your human experience.

    And that is the invitation I'm offering here - to uncover and connect fully to the truth of your full self, to clearly envision and embody your desired reality, and to release and recode the resistance that has held you back for far too long.

    Let's do this "power thing" together.

    Are you with me?