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Most people are living for a future they will never allow themselves to have.

Why? Because we've been taught that our identity is the enemy, that our resistance is a dragon we have to battle everyday,
and that we have to dig up all the trauma, eliminate limiting beliefs, and sacrifice everything for our dreams before we can create a life we love.


It's time to transform

The way you create what you most desire.



It's time to turn your vision of a life you love into the reality of a life you're living. 

If you're thinking "but I've already tried ALL the things ... let me tell you a secret.


You won't find your power by setting goals, or thinking only positive thoughts, or making vision boards, or pushing through your fear, but by ...


  • Getting clarity on what you truly love

  • Gaining confidence that you DO know how to create it

  • Releasing resistance and taking aligned action that gets massive results with ease and flow

  • .

    Revealing a unique and proven process that combines ancient knowledge, modern brain science, and simple practices to transform forever the way you create success.

    This is the method you need to release resistance, transform your reality, and have it all now!

    Theresa Byrne

    Professional Speaker at TEDConferences

    Dixie creates something that defies comparison. I've finally found a bigger sense of purpose, knowing that I can “have it all”, and the clarity to move forward. Pure magic!

    Jacqueline Stone

    Founder at Totems and Tarot

    Mad love! Dixie radically transformed my world and helped me shift my life in a magical direction. I wouldn’t have any of this without her.

    Rena DeLevie

    Founder & Coach at Management for Millennials

    I’ve moved through fear and resistance to clarity of power and purpose. With the tools to deliver on it. Dixie is a masterful guide and coach!

    3 Elements to support your Super Creators Transformation

    #1 Masterclass

    The fundamentals of true transformation. 

    Everything you need to:

  • Identify your true desires and choices for every aspect of your life.

  • Release pain and resistance from old identities, social conditioning, family contracts, body memory, and deeply rooted untruths.

  • Step into new results and a new reality.

  • Your membership includes lifetime access to the masterclass materials.

    #2 Immersion

    Live coaching, community, and resource library.

  • Choose to join any or all of 4 Live Coaching + Superconscious Recodes per week.

  • Library of replays, meditations, and resource materials.

  • Coaching support with your celebrations and challenges, exclusive access to bonus events and private breakout sessions.

  • Private group on Mighty Networks to connect with the community.

  • Be held gently and firmly in the creative structure by coaches and a community who are co-creating with you on their own path of power.

  • Your deep dive into living from your innate power as a superconscious being, intuitive genius, and Super Creator.

    #3 Gatherings

    In person or virtual, deepen your connection, and accelerate your transformation.

  • Come together with master coaches, guest speakers, and other travelers on the journey.

  • Learn, practice, and discuss the principles of energy, creation, and intuition.

  • Leave with a greater connection to yourself and greater access to your personal power than you have ever experienced.

  • Fellowship unlocks the joyful and lasting transformations we co-create together.

    Rachel Hinson

    Hinson Strategic Consulting Group

    Dixie's tools have ignited an entire integrated shift - personal AND professional. People say 'you look and act different' and I feel different too. I look forward to the continual, bolder evolution of my truth and joy!

    Maria Rogers O'Rourke

    MRO Communications

    The Return To Your Power process helped me identify the concrete actions I needed to take AND clear away the internal resistance that held me back! I'm in flow now, creating what I love most!

    Christy Maxfield

    Purpose First Advisors

    It's catalyzed my ability to define and create the life I want. I can feel the universe aligning to support me in understanding and embodying my true choices. 

    Dixie Gillaspie

    Your teacher, coach, and guide on this journey

    Dixie Gillaspie has been helping people achieve their “impossibles” for more than twenty years.

    She is the author of Just Blow it Up - Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life, a fun book about reducing barriers and resistance to rubble, and a contributor to The Thought that Changed My Life Forever with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bernie Segal.

    In honor of her years of contributing to entrepreneurship she was named a "Woman of the Decade in Enterprise and Innovation" by the Women Economic Forum.

    Here’s what you can expect when you
    join Super Creators Transformation:

    Total clarity about what you truly desire to create, confidence that you’re making choices based on your truth, and connected to your power as the sovereign creator of your life.

    Structures, practices, and tools to help you step into and embody your vision and hold you in alignment focused on your desired reality until it becomes your lived experience.

    A method for orienting from a place of power and love, receiving intuitive wisdom about the aligned next action, and the energy and inspiration to accelerate momentum.

    © Return To Your Power 2022