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The Truth About Creating (ANYTHING) and What We Almost Always Get Wrong

Points You'll Want to Come Back To:

  • 11:43 — When we accept our power to create our reality ...

  • 14:02 — We don't give away our power.

  • 14:36 — What is a Super Creator?

  • 15:50 — Most people are living for a life they'll never let themselves have.

  • 17:27 — What are you creating? Why?

  • 17:30 — What abundance really is.

  • 18:45 — What happens when we create from love.

  • 19:00 — How does the creation feel right now? Are you stuck?

  • 20:54 — What does stuck really feel like?

  • 24:03 — What do most of us do when we're stuck?

  • 24:52 — The cycle of fixing ourselves.

  • 27:15 — Who are you really?

  • 30:44 — The way most people do creation.

  • 31:45 — YOU are not the problem.

  • 32:22 — The old identity doesn't have to die.

  • 32:50 — What is "identity?"

  • 33:55 — How does identity fit in the creation structure?

  • 34:54 — How identity is like a kaleidoscope.

  • 35:50 — The problem with the problem orientation.

  • 36:26 — Where is the power when you're focused on the problem?

  • 38:48 — When you're creating to fix the problem, the problem is embedded in the creation.

  • 41:20 — How the structure of creation really works.

  • 41:45 — What happens when we force creation.

  • 42:32 — The 2 points of creation.

  • 43:31 — The good kind of tension.

  • 44:00 — Tension results in momentum.

  • 45:08 — How tension is resolved in favor of desired outcome.

  • 46:20 — How psychological tension holds us back.

  • 47:03 — How we usually deal with resistance.

  • 48:24 — What happens when desired creation violates the old identity.

  • 49:24 — The first step in setting up CREATIVE tension.

  • 49:46 — When does resistance show up most strongly?

  • 50:29 — Ineffective choice structures.

  • 54:04 — Limiting beliefs and wounded identity beliefs.

  • 55:17 — What is a true choice?

  • 57:13 — How we recode resistance.

  • 57:42 — The 3 levels of consciousness.

  • 1:00:17 — The importance of taking action.

  • 1:01:04 — What true choice feels like. (The Core 4 Orientational Choices.)

  • What You'll Do on the Super Creators Transformation Journey

    If you're ready to become a Super Creator this may be for you.

    (Includes a BONUS of a free 1:1 Coaching Session)

  • Harnessing Your Personal Power and Potential 

    Tap into your true nature as a creator and align all 3 levels of your consciousness with your chosen outcomes.

  • Mastering the Structure and the Magic of Creation 

    You’ve been making ineffective choices and living out of a limited identity long enough. 

  • Eliminating Resistance to Taking the Right Action 

    No more pushing through or acting “as if”, we use the Superconscious to recode those old limitations.

  • Building Your Muscles of Creation 

    Developing power and mastery is a process that takes practice. These are the practices.

  • Tapping Into Intuition to Make Better Decisions 

    You don’t have to have it all figured out, you just need to access the information and wisdom of your intuition.

  • Shedding Your Old Skin so There’s No Going Back 

    Living fully in the new reality as a Super Creator.

  • Answers to the Most Common Questions About
    Super Creators Transformation Membership

    • Q: Does it really take a year to see results?

    • Not at all! As Christy will tell you from her own experience and what she has witnessed from others in the program, shifts start quickly. But quick change doesn't equate to permanent transformation. That 12 months of being coached, held in creative structure, reoriented and redirected consistently, and being part of a group experience is what makes being a Super Creator natural and easy for you.

    • Q: When are sessions and what if I miss one?

    • The fabulous thing is that this isn't a course, you don't need to do all the sessions or learn all the things, although replays of all sessions are there for you to enjoy. It's really a guided journey to recoding your mind, your identity, even your body, and certainly your reality. I offer four different sessions each week so you have OPTIONS of when you attend live sessions.  

      The Fall Schedule is as follows (all times are Central US) 

      Mondays at Noon -Lenses Weekly Review and Prep + Recode to reorient on true choice, review the previous week, establish priorities for the week ahead, and do a recode to remove resistance to taking action. 

      Wednesdays at 10AM and 5PM and Thursdays at 2:30PM -Coaching + Recode sessions - you can jump on any or all of them or catch them all on the replay which will be available within 24 hours of the live session. These are designed to help you go a little deeper into the creative structure, bring resistance to the surface, and recode it. I choose a different topic for each session, and some might resonate with you more than others, but every session has the same purpose and end result. 

    • Q: What is the time commitment to get the most out of the program?

    • As with any transformation, consistently engaging with the new structure will bring about the fastest and most permanent result. You'll start with a deep dive into your true choices and setting up your Vision to Reality structure which includes your first year of Lenses.  

      On an ongoing basis you'll want to schedule for one or two sessions a week (live or replay) and each session is about an hour. You'll also want to set aside half an hour or so a week to complete your Weekly Lenses. The daily time commitment is minimal - 20-30 minutes for a guided meditation/visualization and another 20 minutes or so for your Daily Lenses. Each month and each quarter you'll invest a little extra time to review the previous period and set up for the upcoming period. That said, the more you're willing to invest in going deep and truly immersing yourself in the process and structure the more rewarding this journey will be.

    • Q: Do I need to prepare for the group sessions?

    • Not at all. Just be fully present, open, curious, and honest with yourself. Sessions are on webinar so you won't need to even think about the camera. Join in the group chat, post questions in the Q&A, relax into the superconscious recode, commit to the ONE action you will take immediately. Allow yourself to truly experience the tension and the shifts that are taking place. Rinse and repeat and enjoy the miraculous being that you are.

    • Q: What happens after 12 months?

    • You can choose to continue the journey on your own of course. But for alumni of Super Creators Transformation I also offer a Legacy Club membership that's about half the monthly fee, has all the same access and benefits, and gives you a few fun perks like early access and discounts on programs and products. We're always happy to have you on this journey with us!

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