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I know you've done the work...

and all of it was a lie.

You're feeling tired, frustrated, and trying to hold up the world.

I hear you. You're exhausted and wondering if this struggle and pushing is all there is for you in life.

Everything you've been taught about creating success was wrong

    The ONLY way to:

  • Easily

  • Dependably

  • Systematically 

  • Create sustainable success in all areas of your life is to activate & leverage all THREE levels of consciousness! 

This is what I call being a SUPER CREATOR, and this is the way you become one.

Being a Super Creator is an Adventure of a Lifetime

This is your first 12 months.

Everything you've been taught about creating success was wrong

You just made a powerful choice.

Which is HUGE!

Because our choices determine our results.

And you made the choice to learn the ONLY structure to create anything you desire from a place of power and truth. 

Doesn’t that feel GREAT?

Here's What You'll Learn

  • The Role Identity Really Plays in Creation

  • Sabotaging, Limiting Identity Beliefs

  • Using Anchors to Change Emotion

  • Shifting Perspectives and Flipping Negative Beliefs

  • The Effect of Family Structure and Ancestral Memory

  • Being at Choice in Relationships with Others

  • Reinforcing Shifts Through Emotion and Action

  • Recoding Your Relationship with Money

  • Moving From "Victim" Perspective into Your Power

  • Accessing the "Wizards Gate"


Make the most of your journey with guidance from expert coaches and mentors. 

Live Coaching + Recode sessions (4 per week for you to choose from) and access to all the replays. Live Room coaching where you get to be 1:1 with a Super Creators coach and Q&A sessions where you can get answers to all your questions. 


Come together with the Super Creators family including the Return To Your Power master coaches, guest speakers, and other travelers on this journey.

Learn, practice, and discuss the principles of energy, creation, and intuition and leave with a deeper connection to yourself and greater access to your personal power than you have ever experienced.


Be welcomed into a family of creators who are sharing your journey. Some have passed their first year and are on the Legacy phase, some are a little further down the path, and some are just getting started.

But they're all stepping into their power as Super Creators and supporting each other, and you, in choosing and creating a life you truly love.

What is a Super Creator?

Everything we're taught about creating what we desire is focused on solving problems and overcoming limitations. But that is completely wrong.

You were born to create. To be above, or "super" to circumstances, beliefs, accidents, or the creations of other people. We forget that truth, give up that power, and agree to live lives of default decisions and limitations. But we can always return to our natural power to create our lives as the Super Creators we were born to be.

Super Creators are in the creative structure, focused on the desired end result and staying in flow regardless of what appears to be true in the world around them.

    “I’m harnessing my power to achieve extraordinary things.”

  • “With Return To Your Power I don’t have the starts and stops, no more frustration. I recognize resistance and I recode. I’m moving steadily toward my goals with greater clarity and confidence …”

    Tom Ruwitch, StoryPower Marketing, talks about his experience with Return To Your Power and creator/coach, Dixie Gillaspie

Harnessing Your Personal Power and Potential 

Tap into your true nature as a creator and align all 3 levels of your consciousness with your chosen outcomes.

Mastering the Structure and the Magic of Creation

You’ve been making ineffective choices and living out of a limited identity long enough. 

Eliminating Resistance to Taking the Right Action

No more pushing through or acting “as if”, we use the Superconscious to recode those old limitations.

Building Your Muscles of Creation

Developing power and mastery is a process that takes practice. These are the practices.

Tapping Into Intuition to Make Better Decisions

You don’t have to have it all figured out, you just need to access the information and wisdom of your intuition.

Shedding Your Old Skin so There’s No Going Back

Living fully in the new reality as a Super Creator.

I can guess what you're thinking.

  • YES, I want to create everything my heart desires easily and joyfully!

  • BUT I've already tried SO MANY things that promised to teach me how to do that.

  • AND even through I've had some success, I feel like I keep losing ground, or getting stuck, or ending up back where I started (or worse.)

  • SO why would this be any different?

  • We all have little voices like that. It's just one form of resistance to taking the action we need to take to create the life we want to live. And that is exactly why this is different.

    Because this time you're going to activate, align, and leverage all three levels of your consciousness. You're going be held in a creative structure instead of a problem orientation.

    And you're going to recode and release resistance (like that little voice) so you can take the next aligned action easily and powerfully. This is like nothing you've ever done. And it gets results you've never dreamed of. Until now.

    I’ve already been able to make big shifts and improvements in my daily life… and I know things are just going to keep getting better!

     “Dixie has such a gift for seeing the truth, and she allows me to see and understand it too. She’s really helped me to step into my power and go for what I want in life. Working with Dixie has truly been unlike any other experience I’ve come across. I never could have imagined that one person could have such a massive positive impact on my life."

    Alicia Rios Wilks

    Founder and Coach at Self Freedom

    My session with Dixie was one of the most impactful conversations in my life so far.

    "In the last week, I have progressed 10x the amount I usually did in a month. I feel like I am in a state of flow and everything is fun and more efficient as I just jump to the next best step and then to the next.”

    Sean Guffey

    Health Coach and Entrepreneur

    3 Reasons to Upgrade to Super Creators Transformation NOW!

  • You don't want to do this alone.

  • This is your one and only opportunity to get a FREE private session with me.

  • A year of Super Creators Transformation is less than $7 a day.

  • But the MOST Important Reason?

    Your life is yours to create... and you're not getting one minute of it back.

    Here’s the bottom line:

    You can do it on your own. You’ve got the Masterclass, your access information is already in your inbox. 
    You can come back and decide to upgrade later. There’s no artificial urgency or scarcity.

    Or you can make the decision now to dive in and start creating with the support of me, my team, and my community and accept my gift of a FREE Private Coaching and Recode session with me.

    Any of those choices can be made from a place of truth and power. But remember … 
    Our choices determine our results. 
    So decide what result you want to experience and choose accordingly.

    Theresa Byrne

    Professional Speaker at TEDConferences

    Dixie creates something that defies comparison. I've finally found a bigger sense of purpose, knowing that I can “have it all”, and the clarity to move forward. Pure magic!

    Jacqueline Stone

    Founder at Totems and Tarot

    Mad love! Dixie radically transformed my world and helped me shift my life in a magical direction. I wouldn’t have any of this without her.

    Rena DeLevie

    Founder & Coach at Management for Millennials

    I’ve moved through fear and resistance to clarity of power and purpose. With the tools to deliver on it. Dixie is a masterful guide and coach!

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