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What if I told you ... 


It's not about limiting beliefs or negative thoughts. You don't need to "fix" yourself or even improve yourself.

And you don't have to struggle, push through, or "fake it 'till you make it." In fact, those lies are the reason most people are living for a future they won't let themselves have.

So if you're still beating yourself up because you haven't created everything your heart desires. Stop. Right. Now.

    I'm witnessing miracles! This program is the bomb!

  • “The process is absolutely easy! I've restarted my business and I'm healthier in body and mind. It's all happened in a very few months. I know I can have things the way I choose them to be!”

    Maryam Webster, Founder & Principal at Evolutionary Living

Here's what's coming your way in the

Super Creators Masterclass

  • A complete understanding of why personal development and self-help programs don’t work

  • How to make True Choices and the 10 ineffective choice structures

  • How to be in Magnetic Alignment with your True Choice

  • The ONLY structure and orientation that will support you in creating anything you desire

  • How to access your intuition, wisdom, and truth

  • The problem with the problem orientation and how to avoid it

  • The sabotaging identities we all have and how to remove their power from your life

  • What your Superconscious is and how to connect to it to remove resistance

  • The Core 4 Choices you must make to become a powerful conscious creator

  • How to create from a place of truth and power

  • *Super Creators Masterclass is part of the Super Creators Transformation Membership Program. Super Creators Immersion and the Super Creators Gatherings are only available to members of Super Creators Transformation and are not included in this offer.

I Want You to Return To Your Power!

Teaching people how to return to their power and live and create from that place has been my life's work. 

For the last year I have been leading a group of clients through the principles of creation and back into their power as Super Creators!

From getting clarity on the vision, to getting into the right structure, to releasing resistance, fear, and doubt, to taking aligned action, to fully embodying the new identity and reality, we've taken a deep dive into every aspect of creating anything your heart desires.

From the 150+ sessions I've held with that group I've selected 39 recordings, the most vital principles and processes of creation, and put them into a Masterclass.

That includes everything you need to identify your true desires and choices for every aspect of your life, release pain and resistance from old identities, social conditioning, family contracts, body memory, and deeply rooted untruths, and step into new results and a new reality.

And I’m making it my gift to you, no strings, no expectations, no surprises.

That’s right, it’s FREE.

All I ask is that you make a commitment to yourself to step into your truth and power and create the life you truly desire.

When you join this Masterclass you’ll have access to the exact coaching and change processes, worksheets and guides, superconscious recodes, guided meditations, and neuro-emotional visualizations that the members of the full Super Creators Transformation group experienced.

And while I would love to welcome you into the full membership with ongoing live coaching, Q&A sessions, and-in person and virtual gatherings (yes, I'll give you more info on the next page) there is no expectation, guilt, or hard feelings if you choose to begin your journey to your new reality with just the tools in this Masterclass.

What clients say about Super Creators Transformation

This is taking back your own power to create the life you want. 

This is impressive beyond words. It's not The Law of Attraction, manifestation, or any of the old approaches to attracting abundance and happiness. I'm in my power and creating what I really desire!

Christy Simmons

Your Turn to Shine Coach

Reigniting my business, my life, and generating long-term transformation!

Dixie's tools have ignited an entire integrated shift - personal AND professional. People say 'you look and act different' and I feel different too. I look forward to the continual, bolder evolution of my truth and joy!

Rachel Hinson

Hinson Strategic Consulting Group

Like no other coaching program! No more slipping back into old patterns! 

The Return To Your Power process helped me identify the concrete actions I needed to take AND clear away the internal resistance that held me back! I'm in flow now, creating what I love most!

Maria Rogers O'Rourke

MRO Communications

Changed how I think, feel, and experience the world! 

It's catalyzed my ability to define and create the life I want. I can feel the universe aligning to support me in understanding and embodying my true choices. This is what it feels like to be a Super Creator!

Christy Maxfield

Purpose First Advisors

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