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What if I told you ... 


It's not about limiting beliefs or negative thoughts. You don't need to "fix" yourself or even improve yourself.

And you don't have to struggle, push through, or "fake it 'till you make it." In fact, those lies are the reason most people are living for a future they won't let themselves have.

So if you're still beating yourself up because you haven't created everything your heart desires. Stop. Right. Now.

    I'm witnessing miracles! This program is the bomb!

  • “The process is absolutely easy! I've restarted my business and I'm healthier in body and mind. It's all happened in a very few months. I know I can have things the way I choose them to be!”

    Maryam Webster, Founder & Principal at Evolutionary Living

This Masterclass will transform the way you create success! 

Module 1: The Truth About Identity, Ego, and Your Heart's Desire

Your success or failure isn't really about you. Learn the role of your ego in helping you connect to and create anything your heart desires.

Module 2: The Truth About Resistance and Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs don't really govern outcomes. You can spend your energy "eliminating" negative beliefs, or you can just release resistance and create what you love. 

Module 3: The Truth About the Energy of Creation

The secret to living in a structure that aligns with your desired end result and generates a powerhouse of energy that propels you forward.

Module 4: The Truth About Emotions

Your emotional patterns, triggers, and desires have a greater impact on your results than you may realize, but you also have more power of them than you think.

Module 5: The Truth About Dreams, Visions, and the Creation Process

We all have dreams. But we must master the process of turning dreams into clear visions and becoming the creator of our desired reality. 

Module 6: The Truth About Meditation, Rituals, and Recoding Your Mind

How to turn 20 minutes a day into a powerful tool for restructuring your mind, body, and experience to align perfectly with creating a life you love. 

Rachel Hinson

Hinson Strategic Consulting Group

Dixie's tools have ignited an entire integrated shift - personal AND professional. People say 'you look and act different' and I feel different too. I look forward to the continual, bolder evolution of my truth and joy!

Maria Rogers O'Rourke

MRO Communications

The Return To Your Power process helped me identify the concrete actions I needed to take AND clear away the internal resistance that held me back! I'm in flow now, creating what I love most!

Christy Maxfield

Purpose First Advisors

It's catalyzed my ability to define and create the life I want. I can feel the universe aligning to support me in understanding and embodying my true choices. 

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