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You just made a powerful choice.


Because our choices determine our results.

And you made the choice to learn the ONLY structure to create anything you desire from a place of power and truth.

Doesn’t that feel GREAT?

Do you know ANOTHER reason the choice you made is so huge?

Because I’ll bet you had to overcome some resistance just to click that button and join the Masterclass. 

    You may have heard a little voice saying things like:

  • How hard is it going to be and how much time is it going to take?

  • Why do I even bother signing up for these programs when I never actually do them?

  • I’ve done ALL the things already, but I keep getting stuck or even going backwards!

  • I’m sure this is just a hook to get me to buy something because nothing is ever really free.

How do I know?

Because we all have little voices that say things just like that. And that’s OK.

You are more powerful than that voice, more powerful than those doubts, more powerful than any beliefs that have kept you from creating the life you love … yet.

Which is exactly what the Masterclass is going to prove to you. You don’t need to purchase anything from me to learn that.

BUT ... like I said on the last page, I am going to tell you about the Return To Your Power Superconscious Immersion Membership.

Because you are also powerful enough to know whether that is right for you or not, and to make the choice that best serves you now. 

What clients say about working with me...

Dixie creates something that defies comparison. She helped me find a bigger sense of purpose, “having it all”, and the clarity to do it. Pure magic!

Theresa Byrne

Professional Speaker at TED Conferences

Mad love! Dixie radically transformed my world and helped me shift my life in a magical direction. I wouldn’t have any of this without her.

Jacqueline Stone

Founder at Totems and Tarot

I’ve moved through fear and resistance to clarity of power and purpose. And I have the tools to deliver on it. Dixie is a masterful guide and coach!

Rena DeLevie

Founder & Coach at Management for Millennials

For those of you who just KNOW that you want to go deeper, faster.

Who want to be held (gently and lovingly but firmly) in the creative structure by a coach and community who are co-creating on their own path of power.

Who want to be part of the live coaching sessions, have access to the Q&A sessions and a library of coaching and recode replays.

Who want to be invited to live events and private breakout sessions.

Who want to experience themselves as superconscious, living and creating from that part of the mind that is concerned with desire and quality of experience.

Who want to release their resistance, take action, and create the life they desire more quickly and easily than they believed possible.

Who want to become SUPER CREATORS...

there's Superconscious Immersion.

If that's you, I have a special opportunity.

If you know you’re ready to dive into Superconscious Immersion just click the button below to enroll and you’ll not only be welcomed into the membership and have instant access to live coaching, recodes, and community, you’ll also get a link to book a free PRIVATE session with me.

My session with Dixie was one of the most impactful conversations in my life so far.

"In the last week, I have progressed 10x the amount I usually did in a month. I feel like I am in a state of flow and everything is fun and more efficient as I just jump to the next best step and then to the next.”

Sean Guffey

Health Coach and Entrepreneur

YES! I'm ready to stop trying to fix myself and start creating what I really want!

– PLUS send me a link to schedule my free 1:1 coaching session.

3 Reasons to add the Superconscious Immersion Membership to your Masterclass Today

  • You don't want to do this alone.

    (Superconscious Immersion gives you access to me and to the community of Super Creators on this journey with you.)

  • This is your one and only opportunity to get a free 1:1 session with me.

    (Like most passionate coaches I want to invest my energy in people who are committed to themselves and their dreams, so once you close this page that offer goes away forever.)

  • A year of Superconscious Immersion is only $197/Month

    (A small investment to learn to create anything you desire, plus you will save $367 when you choose to pay in full.)

  • But the MOST Important Reason?

    This is your life... and you're not getting one minute of it back.

    YES! I want to become a Super Creator and claim my FREE 1:1 Session

    I'm witnessing miracles! This program is the bomb!

    “The process is absolutely easy! I've restarted my business and I'm healthier in body and mind. It's all happened in a very few months. I know I can have things the way I choose them to be!”

    Maryam Webster

    Founder & Principal at Evolutionary Living

    I’m harnessing my power to achieve extraordinary things.

    “With Return To Your Power I don’t have the starts and stops, no more frustration. I recognize resistance and I recode it. I’m moving steadily toward my goals with greater clarity and confidence …”

    Tom Ruwitch

    StoryPower Marketing

    Of course, if your intuition tells you that Superconscious Immersion is not for you, or if you’d rather take time to explore the Masterclass before making a decision, I fully support that choice. I want you to act from your truth, now and always.

    NO, Superconscious Immersion doesn’t feel like a true choice for me right now, just take me to the Masterclass. (Just remember that the offer a free 1:1 session won’t be available after you leave this page.)

    Need to know more before you make a decision?

    Let’s start with understanding what resistance really is.

    You know the feeling that you get when you need to take an action or make a decision that is challenging to your old identity or your current reality? 

    (You may have gotten that feeling when you clicked through to enroll in the free Masterclass and you may be feeling it right now trying to make a decision about joining Superconscious Immersion.)

    We call that feeling “psychological tension.” It’s the difference between the reality that you’re creating and the identity that created your current reality.

    It’s the beliefs, doubts, fears, genetic memories, family rules, and social conditioning. It’s your old patterns and traumas. It’s your emotional triggers and body memory. It’s what you believe about yourself, the world, the universe, and everything. 

    And it’s what keeps you from creating what you want, but not in the way you think. 

    Psychological tension, and the resistance to taking aligned powerful action, is universal. EVERYONE has it. 

    The difference between Super Creators and people who dream of creating but stay stuck or keep oscillating between success and failure, is that creators have learned to release resistance and stay in the creative structure. 

    They don’t “eliminate” all limiting beliefs, they don’t “fix” their brokenness, they don’t clear their minds of all “negative” thoughts or emotions. 

    They recode all levels of consciousness to create from a place of genius, making the beliefs, thoughts, and emotions immaterial to the process of creation.

    Super Creators know that success isn’t personal, it’s just about getting into the right structure to create what they desire.

    Super Creators are in the creative structure, focused on the desired end result and staying in flow regardless of current circumstances.

    But most people are in one of three different structures.

  • They’re stuck in the crossroads of indecision and inaction, not moving.

  • They’re lost in the roundabout, still not deciding on a direction but wearing themselves out going in circles. They’re moving, but they’re not going where they want to go.

  • They’re riding the pendulum, moving ahead only to swing back the other direction. They create amazing results, but the psychological tension pulls them back to the old identity and reality.

  • Sound familiar?

    If that’s you I’ll bet you’ve tried a lot of other programs, and probably created a lot of success. But then the old identity pulls you back and you try another program. Right?

    No wonder you have resistance to enrolling in yet another coaching program.

    But no matter what programs you’ve done in the past,

    This is the last coaching program you’ll ever need.

    This is the work that makes all the other work … work.

    When you get into the right orientation and structure, when you learn to release resistance and take aligned action, when you disengage from the emotion and pain of triggers and traumas, even the ones you inherited from generations past or experienced before your conscious memory came online, then everything else can build on that foundation.

    The work you’ve already done starts to work for you in a whole new way, and the work you choose to do in the future will be because you choose to do it as part of your creation, not because you have to do it in order to be able to create.

    I’ve already been able to make big shifts and improvements in my daily life… and I know things are just going to keep getting better!

    “Dixie has such a gift for seeing the truth, and she allows me to see and understand it too. She’s really helped me to step into my power and go for what I want in life. Working with Dixie has truly been unlike any other experience I’ve come across. I never could have imagined that one person could have such a massive positive impact on my life.”

    Alicia Rios Wilks

    Founder and Coach at Self Freedom

    YES! I want to become a Super Creator and claim my FREE 1:1 Session

    – PLUS send me a link to schedule my free 1:1 coaching session.

    – PLUS send me a link to schedule my free 1:1 coaching session.

    If you've read this far I'm going to assume that survival isn't enough for you.

    You don't want your choices to be run by the part of your mind that is only interested in survival. The part of your mind that is programmed for QUANTITY of life rather than quality of life.

    That part of your mind, what we call the unconscious mind, defines success as “HEY, you're still breathing, right, heart still beating right, got the necessities of what it takes to see another day, right. Job well done, I'm good, if it ain't broke don't fix it, in fact, don't even mess with it, don't change it, don't even tweak it, cause I know what I'm doing here - and the proof of that is ... you're alive.”

    Yeah, that isn't your true choice - a life of sticking to safe, tried and true choices that keep you in a state of living, but won’t allow you to live full out and grow into your ultimate potential.

    That's not your personal truth about what you're here to do or what you want to do either one. Right?

    So you want to get your superconscious mind involved. That part of your mind is all about quality of experience, about living the way you want to live and using your life to serve a higher purpose for yourself and others.

    Here’s the bottom line:

    You can do it on your own. You’ve got the Masterclass, your access information is already in your inbox.

    You can come back and decide on Immersion later. There’s no artificial urgency or scarcity.

    Or you can make the decision now to dive in and start creating with the support of me, my team, and my community - AND accept my gift of a free 1:1 Coaching and Recode session with me.

    Any of those choices can be made from a place of truth and power.

    But remember …

    Our choices determine our results.

    So decide what result you want to experience and choose accordingly.

    – PLUS send me a link to schedule my free 1:1 coaching session.

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