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3 Day Challenge

How to Rewrite Your Family Code

Clearing inherited patterns, limiting beliefs, family contracts, and old triggers ...


Just because you were born with it or experienced it does not mean you
have to ...

- Just deal with it 
- Just get over it

- Dig it all up and relive it in order to release it

You can RECODE it! 


Your family patterns, relationships, and stories are the first template you have for figuring out who you are ...

That template was created unconsciously and handed down generation after generation. It isn't designed for someone fully in their power creating what they love ...

So stop conforming to the template and become who you were meant to be!

  • A Sovereign creator of your own life

  • An integrated, whole unique expression of the divine 

  • A powerful human being who is healthy, joyful, and fulfilled  

  • .

    It's time to change the code. 

    We're kicking this challenge off in ...



    I WANT IN!

    Revealing a unique and proven process that combines ancient knowledge, modern brain science, and simple practices to transform forever the way you create abundance.

    In 3 interactive sessions you'll learn a new way of being and doing. You’ll take action in EVERY session to create neurological anchors so these transformative practices become second nature.

    PLUS you'll have the opportunity to join smaller breakout sessions to co-create with other participants and put what you've learned into IMMEDIATE action.


    Understanding Our Core Family Narrative and the Root of Our Identity

    Day 1 (Friday, November 11th 10-Noon CST)

  • Your identity beliefs were formed before you could walk. How to notice when those beliefs are in control so you can get back into your power.

  • Why old beliefs and identities don't matter once you've learned the right structure to create joy, satisfaction, and a life you love.

  • Why we can't reason ourselves into changing our behavior and why "mindset" isn't enough to create transformation.

  • How to own your power to choose joy, peace, love, and compassion no matter what the rest of your family is choosing.

  • Rewriting Your Family Code, Contracts, and Genetic Memories

    Day 2 (Saturday, November 12th 10-Noon CST)

  • How family rules and codes become your building blocks for creating or sabotaging the life you desire.

  • The level of consciousness that has "override" capabilities for the code that creates your behavior, your health, and your emotional state.

  • Experience a guided visualization to uncover the code that's unconsciously running your beliefs and behaviors.

  • Participate in a powerful change process to release you from family patterns.

  • Create a new code for staying in your truth and power.

  • Transforming Your Role in the Family Dynamic

    Day 3 (Sunday, November 13th 10-Noon CST)

  • The three roles we unconsciously adopt within the family structure and how they trap you into your limitations.

  • How to "unhook" triggers that pull you back into unconscious sabotage.

  • The power of compassion and being at choice in your family relationships.

  • The gift of a meditation to center you in your true self and prepare you for the day. (Free download if you attend live.)

  • Here’s what you can expect when you complete the challenge:

    An infallible radar to know when you're out of alignment with the joy and freedom you desire so you can recalibrate and recode!  

    Structures, practices, and tools to keep you in your innate power as a Super Creator, living in freedom and joy.

    dependable process for choosing, creating, and expanding joy in all aspects of your life! 

    Dixie Gillaspie

    Your teacher, coach, and guide on this journey

    Dixie Gillaspie has been helping people achieve their “impossibles” for nearly 30 years.

    She is the author of Just Blow it Up - Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life, a fun book about reducing barriers and resistance to rubble, and a contributor to The Thought that Changed My Life Forever with Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bernie Segal.

    In honor of her years of contributing to entrepreneurship she was named a "Woman of the Decade in Enterprise and Innovation" by the Women Economic Forum.

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