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We Can’t Wait to Welcome You as Our Newest Partner!

I understand that by proceeding with the sign up process and completing the form below I am agreeing to the Rules, Terms and Conditions of the Return To Your Power Affiliate Agreement

Alignment with Intention, Purpose, and Philosophy 

We require that all promotions be in alignment with our philosophy, which comes down to a few basic truths:

 - No one is broken.
 - We are all innately powerful Creators – it’s activating that innate power that allows us to become Super Creators in our own lives.
 - Everyone is sovereign in their own life and we cannot know what is ‘best’ for someone else (so no pushing, shaming, or blaming in the promotion.)
 - This isn’t about being more spiritual, more evolved, raising vibration, or being superior in any way (although you will be more connected to your divine self, your vibration will naturally rise, and your identity will align more and more closely with your true self, we aren’t here to compare or promise a “better” way.)
 - We don’t promote by comparing this program to SPECIFIC coaching programs. You might compare this to other programs or philosophies or methods in general but we do not “call out” or point fingers at other coaches or programs.
 - Everything taught and experienced here is designed to show people how they can “return to their power” and create with ease and joy from their own truth

We’re happy to provide input and feedback on your promotions. We’re not going to “scold” if you miss the mark, we miss the mark sometimes too.

HOWEVER, if we see you continuing to violate those basic principles in your promotions after we have provided that feedback we will remove you from our approved affiliate list, deactivate all affiliate links assigned to you, and terminate any pending or future commissions or payments on your account. 

Commission Calculation and Payout 

All fees, payments, and commissions are in USD currency.

Commissions are calculated according to your affiliate level, based on the Return To Your Power (RTYP) program you are enrolled in. (See Chart Below)

Commissions accumulate during each month and are paid in the following month.

Affiliate commission payouts occur monthly on the 15th of the month or the first business day (Monday – Friday US CST) after the 15th of the month.

Your commissions for each period payout will be calculated on all monies received and retained (less any refunds) from leads credited to your account in the previous month.

How to Acquire Leads and Commissions

You will be provided with unique links to promote free products or trial periods.

If you have a lead who enrolls from that link there will be no commission paid, but that lead will be assigned to you and future payments from that lead will earn a commission.

You MUST use your unique links in order to be credited with the lead and to earn commission if your lead purchases a paid program.

Not all events will qualify for affiliate activity, you’re welcome to promote those events but you will not be credited with any leads from that event.

You will also be provided with a unique link for the Superconscious Immersion enrollment page. You may use that link for your promotions instead of a link for a free product, but remember that most people are more likely to purchase when they have had the opportunity to sample the product.

Again, if your lead does not use your unique link to enroll you will not be credited with the commission. 

General Affiliate Terms and Conditions 

You must use the SAME NAME AND EMAIL for your affiliate account (GrooveSell) as you use for your Return To Your Power (RTYP) membership (GrooveMember) in order for the system to know what your commission level should be.

(In alignment with digital security best practices, we also recommend a unique password for each of these accounts that is not used elsewhere.)

You must always adhere to FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

You must finalize your affiliate agreement by completing the form on the next page before promoting in order to be credited with the lead.

In addition, you must not use the following promotional methods if you are approved for this affiliate program: (Doing so may result in termination from the affiliate program and forfeit of any outstanding commissions.)

1. Sending spam or using “safe lists” of any kind.

2. Offering cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link.

3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in promotional campaigns.

4. Misrepresenting our product/offer or not following applicable endorsement rules and regulations.

5. Using cookie stuffing.

6. Using fraudulent credit cards.

7. Encouraging purchases for the sole purposes of qualifying for a prize or bonus. (You can add your own bonuses if you like however.)

8. You may team up with people you have partnered with before on your own front-end product.

9. Do not create negative review sites or postings on social media.

10. Do not buy from your own link. You will not be paid.

11. Any affiliate that is looking to "game the system" will be banned and all commissions forfeited. This will also lead to a permanent loss of your Return To Your Power (RTYP) Affiliate Account.


All released sales are paid monthly. You will not be paid unless your required payment method and tax information are filled out in your affiliate account.

Commissions on funds collected and retained (not refunded) are released after 15 days.

You can expect your commissions to be paid on or about the 15th of each month.

All affiliates are approved, unless we specifically revoke your account for violation of these rules. 

Every approved affiliate qualifies for a commission payout based on the chart below.

We reserve the right to withhold commissions for fraud or anything we deem to be suspicious.

In the event that we terminate affiliate approval for violation of this agreement all commissions will be forfeit.  

Download a copy of my Affiliate Agreement

I understand that by proceeding with the sign up process and completing the form below I am agreeing to the Rules, Terms and Conditions of the Return To Your Power Affiliate Agreement

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