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Top 5 Ways to Bring Your People into Super Creators Transformation (and Get Paid)

Now that you have your affiliate account all set up you’re ready to spread the word and make some money!

Here are 5 ways to get people excited about being on this journey with you.

1. Story sells, and a story that gets people excited sells more. 

Your people will get excited because YOU are excited and can tell them a story about why. Choose just a few of the reasons you LOVE the Super Creator programs. Is it the Vision 2 Reality and Lenses process? Is it that you don’t need to dig up all the old traumas to clear the limitations? Is it learning to be fully oriented on what you love most?

Whatever it is, think about a few personal stories you can share that people can relate to and write them out, or make a short video, or even go LIVE and talk about it. There are sample emails in your promo tools, but you’ll have far more success when you use those as inspiration and customize them to include stories that come from your heart.

When you share the transformation you’ve created in your journey people will naturally want to join you.

2. Use “quotables” in your social and email shares.

You’ll find a number of “memes” in the BANNERS section of your promo tools. But you may have quotes from sessions you’ve done with me, or from other people’s work that relates to the work you’ve done in the program, or your own thoughts and words that are memorable for you.

Turn those “quotables” into images or, if it’s something I’ve said that really resonated with you, send it to us at [email protected] and we’ll have it turned into a social image and added to the library.

3. FREE is the best price to get started.

The Masterclass is made up of videos from sessions you may have done with me as part of the live coaching. And you can give your people access to over 30 of those videos for free. When they click on the FREE Masterclass page they’re tagged as your lead. So when they upgrade - either from the upsell page or from a later promotion - your affiliate account gets the credit.

Telling people they can “Get started on the Super Creators Transformation journey for free is a great way to prepare them for purchasing the full program. Very much like any platform that has a free version and a pro version, they can access specific videos for free, but must upgrade to attend the live Coaching + Recodes and participate in the Transformation community.

Best of all, if you get them started with the free version we’ll be “nurturing” that relationship and encouraging them to upgrade so that we can all get paid and they can do the deeper dive of being part of the live experience.

4. Invite people to an event and get credit when they join and purchase.

I’ll be offering frequent workshops, live room coaching and recodes, and Vision 2 Reality challenges. While it would be GREAT if you could join in and participate, of course you won’t be able to make all of those events work for your schedule.

And you don’t need to. When we do an official lead generation event you’ll get an email to remind you to check your promo tools for your unique url to promote the event. If your people enroll in Masterclass and upgrade to Immersion the lead will be credited to you even if all you promoted was the event invitation.

5. THE most effective way to create leads is to host your own workshop with me.

Naturally people who know, like, and trust you are more likely to buy when they see and hear you talking about the Super Creators program. If you want to host a webinar, workshop, or other event with me email me directly at [email protected] and we’ll discuss the best approach for your audience. 

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