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Return To Your Power (RTYP) Affiliate Program

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone in the world was a Super Creator, aligned with their true self and grounded in their inner power?

Wouldn’t it be even MORE amazing if, by inviting people to return to their power and become Super Creators you got to create a source of income for yourself?

We’d be thrilled to pay you 10%, 25%, or even 40%* for every client you bring into the Superconscious Immersion membership program. We’ve answered the basic questions below (and provided greater detail in the Affiliate Agreement on the next page.) If you have other questions please email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer them.

* Inner Circle Ambassadors is an invite-only group of Super Creators who embrace the work and align with the mission and philosophy. They are paid 40% commission on their referrals. (If you've been in Superconscious Immersion six months or more and are interested in an invite to the Inner Circle Ambassadors please email Dixie directly at [email protected])

And as Super Creators, we believe in sharing the abundance wealth with everyone who's with us in that mission.

So it's called an "affiliate program." But we know what it really is is a way for us all to share in the financial rewards of this mission just as we all automatically share in the reward of contributing to and receiving the benefit of the global ripples coming out from this work. 

Below are answers to the basic questions. If you have other questions reach out to Hell[email protected] and we'll be happy to answer them. 

What do I need to do?

Share. Share your own journey, share in your own words what about this work is meaningful to you.

Share to your email list, your personal connections, your social media accounts, anywhere you have an audience that might include a few Super Creators-in-waiting. 

We've also made sharing even easier by creating an Affiliate Library of memes, promotional materials, language for posts and emails, and Affiliate Hosted Event suggestions. 

What am I sharing? 

Usually you'll be sharing an opportunity for your connections to get some part of the Return To Your Power Super Creator coaching program for FREE.

There are links for free e-books, free events, and the free Superconscious Masterclass. When people sign up for any of those we'll be sending emails to let them know about Superconscious Immersion or other paid programs and when they join and pay you get to share in the income.

So if you also want to give your people a nudge, a little more information and inspiration to help them make the decision to be part of the family of Super Creators in the Immersion membership program you know you'll see the reward from that as well. 

As an Affiliate you'll have your own "affiliate links" that you can share that automatically tag anyone who takes action from one of your links as your "lead" so that the purchases they make are credited to your account.

So all you need to do is share those links, encourage anyone who is interested to join Superconscious Immersion (for less than $200 a month!) and let us send you money so that you're sharing in the financial impact of your sharing with your people. 

What am I paid?

The financial share is based on your own financial investment so there are two different levels of compensation. 

If you're on a Free plan like the free Superconscious Masterclass membership you'll receive a one-time payout of $197 when one of your leads pays for Superconscious Immersion and 10% on any future paid group programs we roll out. 

If you're on a paid membership plan like Superconscious Immersion or you're on a private coaching plan you'll receive 25% of each payment made for Superconscious Immersion or any future paid programs we roll out. (For example, if your lead chooses the one year payment plan of $197/month you'll be paid $49.25 each month. If they choose to pay in full for $1997 you'll be paid a one-time payment of $499.25.)

When am I paid?

We pay our Affiliates their earned percentages every month on the 15th of the month for payments received from their leads in the previous month.

For example, if you are on a paid membership, earning 25% commission, and you had two friends choose the payment plan for Immersion and one who paid in full for Immersion you would receive a total of $597.75 sent to you the 15th of the following month.

How am I paid?

As a paid Affiliate you have the option of being paid through PayPal or Stripe. When you confirm your participation in this program you will need to sign an agreement to Terms and Conditions and provide your payment details to us. 

That's it. Really simple isn't it? 

If you're raring to go and spread the word and create some fun and easy income for yourself go on to the Terms and Conditions. Once you've reviewed and agreed to those you'll have access to the Affiliate's Share Library so you can get started sharing!

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