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If you love what you created in 5 days 

just imagine what you will create by staying in your power for the next 365 days!

That's what the Super Creators Transformation program does - it holds you in your power, in the creative structure, in your clarity and truth and anchors in the transformation into the Super Creator who creates everything they desire with greater ease, flow, and joy than you think possible.

What Does That Look Like?

You'll have IMMEDIATE access to four live sessions each week. Drop in for one or all of them, to review your weekly Lenses, get teaching and coaching that will take your creative process to turbospeed, and do a superconscious recode to align all levels of consciousness to your desired end result. (They're held on Zoom Webinar so you can show up in your jammies or listen in on your phone.)

You'll have IMMEDIATE access to the private Super Creators Transformation coaching group on Mighty Networks. A supportive community, a space to share your celebrations and challenges, and a direct line to the answers, inspiration, and coaching you need to move you further faster.

You'll receive invites to ALL events. Live coaching, Q&A, Office Hours, as well as intimate Super Creators Gatherings which are a combination of immersive trainings and community fellowship.

And ... you'll be the first to access the NEW membership platform. We're unveiling it bright and early January 5th and it will hold more than 200 recorded sessions and downloadable meditations INCLUDING the replays for the 5 Day Vision 2 Reality Challenge.

The 5 Day Challenge was a tiny taste, this is the full Immersion. If you're ready to activate your Super Creators superpower this is where you want to be!

To your power,


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